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Battilizer™ 24"
Battilizer™ 24"
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Item number:  BAT115
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Battilizer™ 24"
Category: Batting & Fillers

Battilizer™ is a wonderful product to use in place of batting AND stabilizer separately - it's works like both items combined all in one! It's flatter than batting and so it works really well when you are making wall hangings or table runners.

This item does not qualify for our "Buy 10 Yards, Get 10 Yards Free" sale.

Cozy Chatter: Battilizer™ is one of Bobbie's favorite products! She uses it with all her wall hangings and table runners, including the Easy Striped Table Runner pattern (about 1 1/3 yards) and for Cozy's High Tea runner and place mats (you'll want about 1 yard for this project). Try it and you'll be hooked, too!

Minimum order on this material is 1/2 yard. Width of fabric is 24".
To order this fabric by the yard, please enter the decimal value in the quantity field.
1/2 = .50 (minimum order)
5/8 = .63
2/3 = .67
3/4 = .75
7/8 = .88

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