Unless you have a new fancy machine with stadium lighting, chances are you struggle with lighting by the needle of your machine. I have tried countless lighting systems but they never seem to give light in just the right place. It's either behind the machine or my hands cast shadows or both!

But then I found the Eversewn LIT lighting system. This changes everything.

Why we love it:

Low profile so it stays the heck out of your way when you sew.

Bright light! No heat!

A whopping 14 hours of light so you can sew sew sew sew.

Powerful LED lights for brilliant illumination so you can SEE what you are sewing. (Or you can realize you really need to clean lint out of your machine. yikes. Not that that happened to me. . .)

Let's talk about the design. It's brilliant. The chunky part mounts with Velcro, out of the way, under throat of the machine. The two thin lights are on the terrific wire wand that extends out to your sewing area.

Place the wire wand right above your needle and FINALLY you have light where you need it most. Need to move it? Need light somewhere else (like off to the side so you can rip out a seam)? The mostly rigid wire design allows you to move and reposition your lights with ease!

It is literally, brilliant.

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